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Enhancing Efficiency and Precision with GLFLP-600 Tablets Laser Engraving Machine by Pharmapack

Pharmaceutical packaging plays a vital role in ensuring product safety and integrity. To streamline the process of tablet and capsule counting, Pharmapack presents the GLFLP-600 Tablets Laser Engraving Machine. This advanced device combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design, offering higher speed, an integrative control system, and enhanced user experience.

Higher Speed: Maximize Efficiency with Swift Operation

The GLFLP-600 Tablets Laser Engraving Machine boasts an impressive maximum stable speed of 6000pcs/min for round tablets with a diameter of φ6. This accelerated production rate significantly increases overall efficiency, allowing pharmaceutical companies to meet demanding production targets more effectively. By harnessing this machine’s capabilities, manufacturers can optimize their tablet and capsule counting processes, improving productivity and reducing production time.

Integrative Control System: Seamlessly Connected for Reliability

Designed with an integrative sport control module, each transmission module of the GLFLP-600 operates in seamless connection with the others. This unique feature enhances reliability and adjustability, ensuring stable and accurate tablet and capsule counting. The machine’s highly integrated single industrial computer control system further enhances operability, providing pharmaceutical manufacturers with greater control over their production processes. By incorporating this advanced system, Pharmapack empowers manufacturers to achieve precise tablet and capsule counting with ease.

Ergonomics Design: User-Friendly and Maintenance-Focused

Pharmapack prioritizes user experience with the GLFLP-600’s ergonomic design. The machine features a better man-machine design, facilitating easier maintenance and reducing downtime. Its complete visual cover design ensures a safe and secure working environment. Additionally, the suspension rocker arm control panel mechanism offers convenient debugging operations, simplifying operation procedures and minimizing errors. With this user-centric approach, Pharmapack delivers a tablet and capsule counting machine that promotes efficiency and ease of use.


The GLFLP-600 Tablets Laser Engraving Machine by Pharmapack revolutionizes the tablet and capsule counting process in the pharmaceutical industry. Combining higher speed, an integrative control system, and ergonomic design, this advanced machine enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve enhanced efficiency, precision, and reliability. By investing in the GLFLP-600, companies can streamline their production processes, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality pharmaceutical products to the market efficiently. Choose Pharmapack’s GLFLP-600 for improved tablet and capsule counting accuracy and productivity.

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