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Discover the Innovation and Effectiveness of Winner Medical’s Bordered Silicone Foam Dressing with SAF

Having an advanced wound dressing is crucial for promoting healing and preventing further complications. Winner Medical, a trusted brand in the healthcare industry, offers a range of high-quality advanced wound dressings, including the bordered silicone foam dressing with SAF. This innovative product is gaining recognition for its unique features and ability to effectively manage moderate exuding wounds.

Introducing SAF: The Functional Layer for Optimal Healing

Winner Medical’s bordered silicone foam dressing with SAF stands out from other wound dressings in the market due to its use of SAF (super absorbent fiber) as its functional layer. This soft and super absorbent material is the ideal choice for silicone border dressings as it can quickly absorb water and salt water and has excellent retention levels. This means that the dressing can effectively manage moderate exuding wounds, promoting faster healing and reducing the risk of complications.

Five Layers of Protection for Optimal Wound Care

The bordered silicone foam dressing with SAF consists of five layers, each designed to provide the best possible care for the wound. The silicone layer with even pores provides gentle adhesion, secure fixation, and a soft healing experience. The foam layer with vertical absorbing quickly absorbs heavy exudate and reduces peri-wound maceration, while the nonwoven layer distributes the exudate evenly to the SAF layer. The SAF layer then absorbs and retains the exudate, creating an optimal healing environment. Finally, the polyurethane film backing offers breathability, waterproofing, and bacteria resistance for added protection.

Reducing Peri-Wound Maceration for Faster Healing

One of the key features of Winner Medical’s bordered silicone foam dressing with SAF is its unique retention layer, which helps reduce peri-wound maceration. This means that the dressing effectively manages exudate without causing harm to the surrounding skin, promoting faster healing and preventing any potential complications.


Winner Medical’s bordered silicone foam dressing with SAF is an innovative and effective wound dressing that offers five layers of protection for optimal healing. With its unique use of SAF as a functional layer and ability to reduce peri-wound maceration, this silicone border dressing is a game-changing option in the field of wound care. So, next time you are in need of an advanced wound dressing, consider Winner Medical’s bordered silicone foam dressing with SAF for the best care and results.

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