Hengli: From Textile Production to Oil Refining

Hengli is a prime example of the value of diversification, with operations ranging from textile production to oil refining. This multinational corporation has demonstrated its capacity to expand beyond a single industry and establish an entire manufacturing chain that integrates a number of diverse industries. We will examine the benefits of Hengli Petrochemical and its novel polyester materials in this post.

Hengli Petrochemical’s benefits

To maximize the synergistic production benefits of scale, technology, and supporting infrastructure, Hengli Petrochemical uses four main industrial clusters: “refining + coal chemical industry + ethylene + PTA”. The most cutting-edge green and intelligent PTA production process technology is used by Hengli Petrochemical, and it has the benefits of low energy and material consumption, safe and stable operation, high reliability, and energy conservation. Due to its annual production capacity that surpasses 10 million tons, Hengli’s PTA is now the only company in the sector with an equity production capacity of 10 million tons.

New Polyester Material Types

Hengli, one of the biggest producers of synthetic fibers worldwide, has been in the forefront of creating new kinds of polyester materials. They have created several brand-new polyester varieties in recent years that have distinct qualities and uses.

A synthetic polymer created from chemicals with petroleum origins is polyester. It is often categorized according to weight, with greater weights used for things like upholstery and industrial purposes and lesser weights used for apparel and other textile applications. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the most popular kind of polyester, is used to create anything from carpet to soda bottles.

A variety of new polyester varieties that are intended for certain purposes have been created by Hengli. For instance, they developed a high-strength polyester that is frequently used in safety equipment such as bulletproof vests. In addition, they created a fire-resistant polyester, which is frequently utilized in crucial applications like airplane seats.

Hengli has created a number of novel finishes and treatments that can be used on any type of polyester fabric in addition to these specialty varieties of polyester. These coatings may offer improved UV protection, stain resistance, or wrinkle resistance. Additionally, they can include extras like shimmer or color-changing capabilities.


Hengli offers premium quality “from a drop of oil to a piece of cloth” throughout the full industrial chain. Keep an eye out for the coordinated promotion of internal lean manufacturing, lean management, lean service, and coordination of the external industrial chain.

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