Launch of AEDs used in schools by Mindray

In recent years, schools worldwide have realized how important it is to get AEDs. AEDs should be available in athletic stadiums, gymnasiums, and educational buildings. An electric current is given to the patient to treat ventricular fibrillation. Defibrillation is an electrical technique used to control ventricular fibrillation in a patient. Discover some of Mindray’s top-notch AED for schools.

How an automatic external defibrillator works

An automatic external defibrillator can restore a regular heartbeat, potentially saving a person’s life. An automated external defibrillator, for instance, is used to shock a person whose heart has stopped beating to restart it. First, the effective use of a reputable AED is essential for assisting in an emergency.

The AED user manual from Mindray is extensive.

The AED should be positioned close to the patient’s ear, and people should carry out defibrillation on their side while lying with their chest lifted.

The electrode patch is quickly applied to the patient’s chest after the electrodes have been found, and the line from the patch is connected to the AED host to start heart rate monitoring.

The gadget will alarm and display a warning if the patient enters ventricular fibrillation in the third stage. Before pressing the “shock” button, be sure no one has touched the patient or declared it “safe.”

During rhythm analysis for defibrillation, the capacitor is frequently automatically charged in response to an auditory or visual signal. For instance, the patient can experience severe convulsions while being shocked, and CPR must be resumed quickly after the initial shock.


Mindray‘s apparatus continuously monitor the patient’s pulse rate for ongoing CPR and to warn approaching ambulance personnel. Additionally, all the information regarding Mindray’s premium AED for schools is available on its website.

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