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Top 3 Guidelines for Picking an Office Reception Desk

They say first impressions are crucial for a reason, and the first thing that leaves an impression about your business is your reception area. This is justified by the fact that your welcome room’s layout speaks volumes about your company’s caliber. Whether you are a large enterprise that would like to display classy reception desks or a small local business that would like to go for small reception desks that do not take up much space and are functional–there are certain things that you need to think about when choosing the suitable reception desk for your office.

Taking a Closer Look at Size

Make sure the furniture is proportionate when choosing any office furniture. This is one of the most fundamental criteria. For example, if you choose a wooden reception desk, you must ensure it is proportionate to your welcome area. If the room is enormous, choose a large reception desk; if the reception area is small, choose Small Reception Desks.

The Correct Shape and Layout

You should pay attention to the location in which your welcome desk will be positioned, which is one of the first pieces of advice we at M2 Retail give our customers. The shape of your welcome desk should be chosen with thought for how it will blend in with the overall atmosphere of your lobby. Curved reception desks could be the best option for asymmetrical areas. Whatever the shape and layout, considering that your welcome desk always needs to be facing the visitors when they go in, you can choose a desk that suits you.

Design Aesthetics

As we said, the Welcome Desk is crucial in making the initial encounter with your office warm and friendly. With your receptionists greeting everyone with a friendly grin and answering all the questions or explaining any of the queries, you want to ensure this warm climate reflects your welcome desk design. For instance, if you’re searching for a reception desk for a salon or spa, stick with warm colors and choose a wooden reception desk or a lacquer reception desk to give your design that cozy feel. You may even select reception desks if you’re striving for a more streamlined, minimalist style that demonstrates your company’s honesty and openness.

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