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Tecloman’s Expertise: Unveiling the Power of Distributed Energy Resources

In the realm of energy solutions, Tecloman stands out with their comprehensive Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) designed explicitly for distribution networks. With over two decades of experience and a commitment to continuous innovation, Tecloman has emerged as a reliable distributed energy resources partner in addressing the evolving energy challenges faced by distribution networks.

Strategic Capacity Increase: The “Charge at Trough, Discharge at Peak” Method

Tecloman’s distributed energy resources offer a dynamic solution to the capacity challenges encountered by distribution networks. Through the innovative “charge at trough, discharge at peak” method, Tecloman ensures that the energy storage system operates strategically. This method allows for the efficient use of energy, enabling networks to dynamically increase their capacity during peak demand periods and optimize energy usage during off-peak hours.

Transformer Overload and Low Voltage Resolution

Distribution networks often grapple with transformer overload and low voltage issues, impacting the overall reliability of the system. Tecloman’s BESS steps in as a dependable solution, effectively addressing these concerns. The integration of advanced technology ensures that transformer overload is mitigated, and low voltage at the end side is resolved, contributing to the seamless operation of distribution networks.

24/7 Problem Solving with Tecloman’s BESS

Tecloman understands that energy challenges don’t adhere to a schedule, and neither should the solutions. Their BESS is designed to provide round-the-clock problem-solving capabilities. Whether it’s optimizing energy flow during peak hours or resolving transformer-related issues, Tecloman’s commitment to reliability means that distribution networks can trust in the continuous operation of their energy storage solutions.


Tecloman’s BESS for distribution networks reflects their commitment to providing effective, reliable, and innovative solutions. As distribution networks navigate the complexities of energy management, Tecloman’s expertise serves as a guiding force, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve seamless and efficient operations.

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