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What’s the Difference Between Urban Signs and Suburban Areas?

As people walk or drive through downtown Minneapolis, vibrant illuminated signs direct their attention to shops, clubs and cinemas. Only a few seconds are all it takes for companies to grab the attention of pedestrians. In suburbs like Minnetonka and Eden Prairie, however, it is necessary to be more subtle. This is true especially in older areas of the town. Signage in rural or suburban locations seems to be subtler while still attracting potential clients.

It doesn’t matter if your company is located in the metro area, the suburbs or the country, it’s important to be familiar with the city rules. These may include restrictions on sign installation based on local preferences. You need to make sure you find a sign manufacturer who is familiar with all regulations. This will ensure that your brand remains consistent without compromising its aesthetic appeal or quality.

Signs in Suburban Areas, and the City

You may have to follow the local color scheme or incorporate structural elements into your design. This is more difficult in rural and suburban areas. You want your signs to be bold and stand out, but they shouldn’t compete with other structures or objects around them. You can also determine the type of street activity or foot traffic you see.

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign, which is a freestanding structure, promotes your company’s products and services. In high-traffic areas, a tall pylon sign listing the names of all shops in the area is a common sight. Your business will be a landmark outside your establishment thanks to a customized pylon sign.

Many building laws include height restrictions that must be complied with in order to maintain the suburban skylines’ often high skylines. This type of sign is ideal for suburban retail shops and other locations along highways where there are no restrictions on signs’ height to entice motorists. In areas where skyscrapers dominate, pylon signage might not be allowed. Because of the large number of signs in densely populated areas, sign sizes and numbers are more restricted in big cities.

Monument Signs

Although smaller than a pylon sign this sign still advertises your company and introduces you to the public. It also allows you to distinguish your business from other businesses in the vicinity.

Talk to your sign maker about the best combination of colors, materials and structural characteristics to appeal to your target audience.

Companies in quieter areas can use monument signs. These signs can be used in both urban residential areas and interactive villages on the outskirts or surrounding areas. This sign is used by many schools, hospitals and retail centers, as well as airports for navigation. It is elegant and subtle.

Lit Signs

The LED signs are brightening the area in which they are installed, and can be seen at all hours of the day and night. These signs are great for places with heavy foot traffic and establishments that remain open late. If your establishment qualifies for outdoor or indoor LED signs that attract customers at night, talk to your sign maker.

There are two options for advertising your business: flat to the building or racecourse style in which letters stick out from the wall to give a sense of perspective from a distance.

Directional/Navigational Signs

Customers can find you business by wayfinding or using navigational signage. You can increase sales and attention by using brighter colors, bolder fonts and LED lighting to boost your business’ visibility.

There are differences in the placement of navigation signs between urban and suburban areas. The lettering must be large enough to allow cars to read it, as foot activity in rural and suburban areas is limited.


The old saying “Location is everything” when it comes to property hunting emphasizes the importance of location. This is also true for personalized business signs. It is important to assess the location of your sign if your company has the option to decide where it should be placed. Your sign’s visibility to the public will be determined by where it is placed. There are many factors that can affect the position of your custom business sign.

Our clients receive assistance in determining the best sight lines. Signs that are visible from a clear area will be more easily seen. This is true for both freestanding and on-building signs.
Professionals who have been in the business for over 5 years install ShieldCo custom signs. Call them today to get your ShieldCo signs, no matter where you are located – in the suburbs or in the city.

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